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Julie, from Black Isle Yarns, has a request…

“I have recently set up Black Isle Yarns and would like to continue expanding, but in a thoughtful way and staying true to my original aim of using local-to-me fleeces from interesting breeds and flocks (I think in the context of the Highlands that can mean a fair distance but still within the Highlands!).
I have a few sources and contacts and have some exciting fleeces lined-up for the next batch going to The Border Mill…….however it would be great to start making contact with a few more people and thinking about new options. I imagine many of the Guild members have sheep or, if not, they know people who do.”

Anyone able to help her out?

Please contact her directly on snodjulie[at] (replacing the square brackets with the appropriate at symbol.

Many thanks

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  1. Hi someone has offered me 8-12 cheviot fleeces for free would you be interested regards Pat Waymouth

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