Alpaca and Merino

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I enjoy seeing what everyone has been up to and I think that you must too so, under a little pressure from Aileen (who wishes not to be the only one seeming to share anymore) I’m adding my scarf to our Members Projects.

If anyone else would like to contribute (and I know there are wonderful things being made out there) just send me a picture with a few words to describe the project and I’ll stick it on our page for you.

This scarf is a “slow project” but I’m pleased that I managed to spin it (10 merino : 6 alpaca : 1 silk, lace-weight 2 ply), from the alpaca day, and then knit it.  I’m not a patient knitter normally so this is a huge thing for me to have stuck at.  It’s warm and soft, BUT, I’m told it should be saved for the Highland Show, as it would fulfil the requirements nicely….  Hmm the temptation to wear may prove to great but I have been good and tucked it away in a clean place for now.  So now it’s back to the fireside with my wheel as I have a new mission for the New Year.

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