Posting to the web- site

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Displacement activity- had to see for myself how easy (or hard) it was to post to the web-site. Success, like the tablet- weaving seemed a bit hit or miss, but I’ve done it!


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Generally in spinning I have been taught that preparation is key. However I am off to help at a Spinning class in Gairloch tomorrow and am only just now getting organised and thinking what key information or stuff should I take. Too late to ask for advice but I am always interested in what got people hooked. I also still … Read More

Hares and fibres…

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… and all springy things are in season. I hope you all enjoyed the delights of the Dornoch Fibre Festival. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing about any of the workshops you took. Ruth’s fibre combining workshop is next up and, whilst this one is fully booked at the moment, Ruth has offered to do a repeat session … Read More

Dave Smith – message

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I’ve had a recent email, via our site, from Mr Dave Smith asking if anyone would be interested in some weaving things. Unfortunately I had badly configured the contact form (now amended) which failed to include his return email address, so I’m hoping that he will read this and re-correspond with us. In the meantime here is his email: “From: … Read More

Highland Knit Fest 2016

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Sara Smith mentioned this event and I thought some of the knitters amongst us might be interested. Here’s the link to their web page.


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Beth Lowe writes… “Looking for a pattern for a sheep using weaving sticks”

Fan Reed

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Hello everyone, I’m wondering if anyone has a Fan Reed for sale.  I don’t mind the epi but my loom widths are 24″ and 12″.  Any leads gratefully received ! Thanks Helen Sharratt

Make a brew…

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… and tell us your creative thoughts. Here’s is a place for you to discuss all your fibre interests, ask questions and share knowledge. We hope you’ll all get a login, by contacting admin in the “contact us” tab, and come and join in the fun. This is your space… so claim it!! Have fun 😀