New weaving

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Aileen sent this a wee while back… Sorry for the delay in posting it up Aileen. She writes “The length of cloth is ten foot long, wool. The weft is hand spun and hand dyed (not by me) all done on a 7.5 dent. I’m afraid it took ages!”

A Woven Sun-set

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Inspired by an evening sky of dark purple clouds caught with the dying embers of the sun over the Cromarty firth, I decided to dye, spin and weave a new fabric.  Scarf size is a nice sized project… long enough to be useful but not taking an age to work up.  As I’m spinning my own yarn that is the … Read More

Wild dyes and weaving

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Michelle is finally back on t’internet and has pulled herself away from doing “hubble bubble” in the garden to send us a lovely shot of her newly dyed fibre. Who would have thought that cow parsley could be so vibrant (after an post dyeing alum modification). Michelle has also sent a picture of her Dealgan, which is something I’ve been … Read More

Spun, Woven & Knitted

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Here are Sarah Grant and Sue Varley displaying their creations. Sarah’s jacket is spun and woven and has extensions in matching felt. Sue’s jacket is spun from tops and knitted. Both are stunning!

Spring Scarf

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Spring has sprung and, like the urge to eat fresh salads, I just had to do something lighter than my normal “dark and interesting” aubergine and plum colours.  I bought a kilo of creamy white cotton chenille from ebay with the thought of being able to dye it but it’s so soft and velvety just as it is that I … Read More

Lilac Houndstooth

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Aileen writes: “This weave is 18 inches wide and 3 yards long.  Done on my RH loom with a 7.5 dent reed and fulled to a nice skirt weight.  The pale lilac is Rennies Shetland and the purple is Merino.  It took a long time, and there is a mistake!”

Draped in “Prayer Flags”

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Catherine has been putting her time spent ill to very good use ! “This is my project since the dark days of January. A 5 ” wide warp, using a threading for my four shafts that I saw Theo Wright using for his scarves.  He’s a professional weaver who is also a lover of data and mathematics (like Cally Booker, … Read More

Spinning Jackets and Wavy Weaving

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Mary Paren has been very busy and kindly sent in some photo’s of her recently completed projects. The jacket is “…spun from a Wingham Wool merino blend called Silsden and plied with some black thread for a core.” The weaving is an intriguing visual effect which Mary worked out by turning the design for a more complicated warp set up … Read More

Dyeing to get going again

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It was lovely to have Aileen over last week.  We tackled some over dyeing of “horrid” yarn, which was actually an ok Terracotta if that’s a colour you like, and some extra colours on some “string” as my husband called it.  It was actually dishcloth cotton but let’s not split hairs!  So the one dye covered two base colours and … Read More

Alpaca and Merino

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I enjoy seeing what everyone has been up to and I think that you must too so, under a little pressure from Aileen (who wishes not to be the only one seeming to share anymore) I’m adding my scarf to our Members Projects. If anyone else would like to contribute (and I know there are wonderful things being made out … Read More

Stay a while !

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Aileen writes: “A pic of my Stay A While shawl pattern by Louise Zass-Bangham.  It’s about a 4 ply.  Dark purple is Merino and silk.  Light colour is a 100gm bag of mixed fluff with a wrap of a thin boulle from a cone.  As usual I enjoyed spinning it, and this time I didn’t have to be clever to … Read More


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Aileen has been at it again! This cushion has turned out beautifully, and I do like the large button. Woven on the rigid heddle loom.

Weaving from Alison

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I always weave on a rigid heddle, which I love.  It is quick to warp up and it is easy to produce fabric easily.  With my “landscape weaves” I try to mainly use Aran or chunky weight wool.  This makes a reasonably heavy weight fabric which holds a cut (when washed at 30 degrees or hotter), is easy to work … Read More

Mind games- tablet weaving

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I’ve been trying in my own way to work out how to use techniques which seem to appear by accident, in an intentional, and eventually creative way. When I like an effect, I need to be able to do it again! Easier said than done. Tablet weaving seems a bit like understanding computer- code, and there ‘s not a chance … Read More