Dyeing to get going again

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It was lovely to have Aileen over last week.  We tackled some over dyeing of “horrid” yarn, which was actually an ok Terracotta if that’s a colour you like, and some extra colours on some “string” as my husband called it.  It was actually dishcloth cotton but let’s not split hairs!  So the one dye covered two base colours and … Read More

Alpaca and Merino

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I enjoy seeing what everyone has been up to and I think that you must too so, under a little pressure from Aileen (who wishes not to be the only one seeming to share anymore) I’m adding my scarf to our Members Projects. If anyone else would like to contribute (and I know there are wonderful things being made out … Read More

Stay a while !

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Aileen writes: “A pic of my Stay A While shawl pattern by Louise Zass-Bangham.  It’s about a 4 ply.  Dark purple is Merino and silk.  Light colour is a 100gm bag of mixed fluff with a wrap of a thin boulle from a cone.  As usual I enjoyed spinning it, and this time I didn’t have to be clever to … Read More

Mind games- tablet weaving

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I’ve been trying in my own way to work out how to use techniques which seem to appear by accident, in an intentional, and eventually creative way. When I like an effect, I need to be able to do it again! Easier said than done. Tablet weaving seems a bit like understanding computer- code, and there ‘s not a chance … Read More