Prizes all round

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Well done to all who tended our stand at the Sutherland Show on Saturday.  It was a lovely day out and such a good display.  Thank you to Janet for coordinating it all.  We also won a first prize for the tent as a whole and a special award for our interaction with the public (I’m sorry I don’t have … Read More

Well Done Ladies!

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Congratulations !! The following Highland Guild members were successful at the Royal Highland Show last month: Handcrafts – Theme: Landscapes Section D : Hand Spinning, Weaving & Dyeing – ‘Heading for the Hills’ Hank Shetland yarn, 2-ply for knitting – Hand Spun from Shetland Sheep including sample of fleece staple. 1st: Sue Varley 3rd: Mary Paren 4th: Stephanie Hoyle Sue … Read More

Dyeing days!

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Dear Members, I said I would put on more dyeing days this year as a means of making me get down to doing some dyeing. I am now committing to firing up some dye baths on Wednesday 21st June, Wednesday 28th and 5th and 12th of July. Please come to Durnamuck if you are interested. I still have plenty of … Read More

Prize draw posties !

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Here is the our new guild postcard.  You’ll start to see these where ever we’re demonstrating and they may often be used in a prize draw (If you’re going to be in charge of setting up at any of the shows we do please do get in touch and I’ll make sure you have a supply for the day).  Hopefully at … Read More

More of this?

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Firstly a big Thank You! Our last meeting felt a huge success, with so many people attending. 4 new members came along and were truly given some great mentoring from our members. It was a delight to watch. Thank you again ladies for the good work. For once we actually managed to cover the cost of the hall (something we … Read More

February !

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Hello all, Well, it’s just turned the first of February.  Some of you may know it as Candlemas though it goes by other names too.  Officially it’s the first day of spring and my first reaction was to say “you’re joking!” but actually I can see the sense in it.  Already I have primroses in the garden and the buds … Read More

January News Updated

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Thanks to Jane we now have the January newsletter keeping us up to date. Alison is giving us some more detail on her inkle loom workshop for this month so you can get a better idea of what to expect, and it sounds like there is plenty for all levels of experience.  The events item is updated with details. Remember … Read More

Seasons Greetings!

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Happy Christmas everyone! Well we have snow… and rain, and slush and wind, but hey! It’s Christmas so it doesn’t matter 😉 Hope to see you soon.  Here’s to your very good health, and all the very best for the New Year.  I hope it is full of fibre goodness, and that 2017 brings lots of time for creativity in all your … Read More

Open Christmas Spin!

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Hi everyone, Michelle has kindly opened her wreath making workshop to make it also an Open Christmas Spin. Do come along for this festive get together and bring your wheels etc. Strathpeffer Community Hall, 10th December 10am – 4pm

Corners !

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When I first joined the guild workshops titled “Corners” had me totally confused. How to make corners? In what medium? But soon I found this quirky title to be a gathering of four different mini workshops which you can move between as you like, doing all or just one if you prefer. This last workshop, which I sadly missed, was … Read More

AGM thoughts from Serena

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So it is the AGM tomorrow and I can’t go as I am stuck in bed. I should be writing the Chair’s report but thought I would just raise a couple of points here (facebook) and on the website ( help please Helen) so you might think about them in advance. We have a great workshop programme that is supposed … Read More

Long Draw Successes

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Serena sent in these pics of the Long Draw Spinning workshop. She writes “Great workshop today with Odet Beauvoisin showing us how to do long draw for woollen and worsted yarn. I think most of us got it some of the time. Interesting that Odet is such a proficient spinner that she had to add in neps to make her … Read More

Knit Fest

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What a wonderful day meeting some lovely people from all over !  Scotland, England, Sweden and of course a great number of Danish Ladies, who have flown over enforce to support the event having just had their own show two weeks ago.  So many gorgeous jumpers, coats and shawls passed by or stopped to chat (with wonderful people attached).  Thank you … Read More

Knit Fest !!!

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If you’re helping out on any of the days please make sure you have spoken to Serena to organise your pass…  It would be quite costly otherwise! We’re looking forward to seeing members  throughout the 4 day knit fest to help demonstrate or man/woman the display area.  Many hands makes for a really enjoyable time!!! See you there. Thanks in … Read More

Cally Booker’s Colour workshop

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A big thank you to Cally Booker for her weaving with colour workshop.  It looks to have been a really interesting day… I wish I could have been there. Cally writes about the day on the blog part of her website… “The weavers of Highland Guild worked hard yesterday! I had driven up north with a boot-full of looms – having … Read More