October 2021 Trisha Gow – Fungi Dyeing

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Trisha Gow is a tapestry weaver, who discovered fungi dyeing when she attended the Battleby Gathering in the 1980s. She is a member of the Scottish Fungi Dye Group, and has attended the International Fungi and Fibre Symposium several times. Apparently, there is no historical record of the use of fungi dyes – research began in the 20th century. Unlike … Read More

Dyeing Workshop May 2021

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Normally in a dye workshop the person leading explains the process, shows samples and then participants are able to have a go. First measuring carefully, following rules, then, when they feel confident with the process, letting loose their imagination and having fun. This tine, because we couldn’t meet up, we focussed on explaining and hoped to give enough information to … Read More

Playing with Colour

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Stephanie Hoyle’s Dyeing Workshop was preceded with clear notes in March’s Guild Newsletter explaining the uses of Procion MX Dyes and which fibres they were suitable for. Recipes were given so we could prepare our fibres ahead of the day. I found this extremely useful as it enabled me to hank up skeins, weigh out tops and label them beforehand … Read More

Scottish Natural Dyes with Carole Keepax

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The talk that Carole gave in the morning was very interesting. Carole had just recently finished her Certificate of Achievement which was many volumes of work examples, recipes, historical evidence of dyeing in Scotland and beautiful drawings of the dye plants.  The whole certificate would make a wonderful reference book for people to dip into both historically and on a … Read More

Lichen Dyes with Serena Mason

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I am fascinated by how the sombre lichens that grow on the rocks in Wester Ross can be used as dyestuff to produce wonderful colours. Although it is now lost in the mists of my failing memory I probably was lured into the Highland Guild by a natural dyeing workshop, as well as a need to improve my spinning. Workshops … Read More

Creating a self patterning yarn with Stephanie Hoyle

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We drove down to Dingwall on one of those bright crystalline days of spring, with the promise of a very interesting and informative day ahead. As the last to arrive we entered a room buzzing with anticipation, on the desks neatly laid out were pencils, wool, and a large polystyrene board with nails standing out in a star shape. It … Read More