Members’ Open day Aril 2022

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April 2022 Members’ Day The focus for the day was spinning. We had demonstrations of combing, blending board and picker. As usual there was also a lot of chat and a bit of show and tell! Sheila had brought her double weave samples to give people a clearer idea of what the May workshop is about. Aileen was wearing a … Read More

Flax Workshop April 2021

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Guild member Sophie presented this workshop. There is a long history of flax growing in Friesland in the Netherlands where Sophie lives. As recently as 150 years ago everyone had a small field of flax, which the women spun into linen yarn for shirts, nightwear, children’s clothes, lace etc. The woman who taught Sophie to spin flax was taught by … Read More

Fleece Workshop March 2021

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Amanda Hannaford ran this workshop, which focussed on fleece – the different properties of fleece from a variety of breeds, how to process and spin them to get the best from them, and what the resulting yarn can be used for. She started by showing us samples of short, medium and long stapled fleece processed in different ways. First a … Read More

Silk Spinning February 2021

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Jaine Mahon of (Skye Silks) gave us a wonderful workshop on silk spinning via Zoom on the morning of 13 February. She started by taking us on a tour of her studio, showing us some of her lovely handwoven silk scarves, and other handwoven and hand dyed items, then on to spinning. She had made up boxes, beautifully packaged, containing … Read More

Open Day and Challenge 8 Febrary 2020

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Between 40 and 50 people attended this event, with some coming and going in the course of the day. We had a big circle of spinners around the hall, with several weavers at tables as well. This was the day to bring along what we had made from the fibre distributed at the September Open Day: 50 gms Corriedale tops, … Read More

Ann Artis – Daft Batts

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‘Daft Batts’, a workshop tutored by Anne Artis. (pictures below) Anne Artis, an ever popular tutor from Callander, was joined by twenty-one Highland Guild members for her workshop entitled ‘Daft Batts’. We were invited to come prepared with a variety of fibre preparation tools but, in fact, only needed access to a drum carder after an initial session with hand … Read More

Long Draw Successes

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Serena sent in these pics of the Long Draw Spinning workshop. She writes “Great workshop today with Odet Beauvoisin showing us how to do long draw for woollen and worsted yarn. I think most of us got it some of the time. Interesting that Odet is such a proficient spinner that she had to add in neps to make her … Read More

Speed Spinning with Anne Artis

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Twelve spinners, with an interesting variety of wheels, attended Anne Artis’ workshop on Speed Spinning at Strathpeffer. The workshop started with Anne giving us each a carrier bag containing individual bags of fleece to spin, all of them very different and some of them fairly challenging.  The bags were numbered 1 – 10 and the contents varied from commercially prepared … Read More

Art Yarns with Isobel McCallum Scott

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The Art Yarn Workshop with Isobel was a great success.  If you think you knew about spinning – do go to one of her classes and learn much more. Mindful that average wheels would be in use, the class was adapted so we all achieved interesting fancy yarns.   Beehives, wraps, coils and many more – all techniques that could be … Read More