November 2022 Rigid Heddle Weaving Workshop

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It was a pleasure to run this workshop for 13 people, even though everyone was at a different skill level. Beginners progressed from plain weave to simple pick-up, while the more experienced produced a range of patterns, guided by examples on a worksheet. I was able to instruct and help, as needed, aided by Bryony. However, skill-sharing among the group … Read More

September Open Day 2022

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This meeting had a focus on spindles. Sheila had brought along a collection of different types, and started by demonstrating a kick spindle. The spindle is supported in a framework and operated by spinning the ball at the lower end with the foot, giving the spinner a really good workout!! She also demonstrated a Navaho spindle, as well as smaller … Read More

Double Weave Workshop May 2022

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Our first face to face workshop for over two years was tutored by Christina Chisholm, a very experienced weaver, who is also very good at explaining things. She also used samples from her Certificate of Achievement to show what we we’re aiming at. In double weave half of the warp threads are used for the top layer, half for the … Read More

Weaving Challenge Jan 2023

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Following the example of the spinning group we are setting a weaving related challenge for January. This is not restricted to those who join in the monthly zoom. It’s open to everyone to join in and have fun! You won’t need to get any fancy equipment, in fact (and I’ve just thought of this!) part of the challenge could be … Read More

January 2022 – Janet Phillips, Weaver

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Janet describes herself as textile designer rather than a hand weaver: she starts with a design brief, constructs the weave, then works out a threading and lifting plan, rather than the other way round. This is the way she learned to work in her first weeks at Galashiels. She uses a table loom to sample and works multiple section sample … Read More

July 2021 Cally Booker – Weaver

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Cally gave an inspiring talk on her life as a weaver from how she got started to the work she is doing now. She described her journey as a series of accidents! Cally lives and works in Dundee and her walk from home to her studio in an old jute mill takes her through a park, which is a source … Read More

Rigid Heddle Weaving 14 March 2020

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Jane Kitchener tutored this beginners workshop, which was held the day before the Krogbragd workshop. Apologies for not posting this sooner. I wasn’t there, but it seems to have been a very successful day, and Inga has provided photos which show what went on. The resulting weaving looks lovely. Here is Jane’s report of the day: As someone who regularly … Read More

Krokbragd Weaving 15 March 2020

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Another excellent workshop tutored by Kathryn Kusa. Eleven Guild members took part, and there was a lot of bustle early on as everyone arrived and started to set up their looms – quite a variety of these, including 2 rigid heddle looms. We had warping instructions beforehand. Krokbragd uses just uses 3 shafts and is threaded 1, 2, 3, 2. … Read More

Colour from a different angle – weaving with Cally Booker

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Saturday September 10th 2016 Ten eager weavers gathered at Strathpeffer for the HGWSD workshop with Dundee based weaver Cally Booker. Cally works from her studio in a converted jute mill and is passionate about hand weaving, colour and the exploration of multi layered weaves. She specialises in weaving beautiful home textiles, scarves and fabrics. Several participants had brought along their … Read More