Daviot Vintage Farm Day 2019

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Four of us from the Nairn Spinning Group demonstrated at the Daviot Vintage Farm Day on 28th September – Hilma Rask, Christine Smith, Kathleen Watson and myself. The weather is always a factor as the field gets waterlogged quite quickly, but we were lucky – just a bit of drizzle in the morning, then a bit of heavier rain towards the end of the afternoon, and both of our cars got in and out without needing a tow! Because of the drizzle it was quiet to start with, but got busier later, and quite a number of people stopped to talk to us and look at the display, try a bit of weaving etc. The show itself is interesting, and different from the other farm shows with the focus being on farming heritage – vintage machinery etc.

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  1. Thanks for attending our Rally.
    Also your comments re .it
    Pity about the weather . Our auction went well, we will be able to donate about 1000.00 pounds to Mickysline .

    Regards. Ray Smith,. rally chairman

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