Dyeing days!

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Dear Members,

I said I would put on more dyeing days this year as a means of making me get down to doing some dyeing.

I am now committing to firing up some dye baths on Wednesday 21st June, Wednesday 28th and 5th and 12th of July.

Please come to Durnamuck if you are interested. I still have plenty of white Shetland cross fleeces but am expecting the shearer to come any day to increase the supply. There will also be plenty of coloured fleeces and last years lambs have really nice coats.

I plan to do some crottle dyeing using both sorts to make purple and russet but have also been gathering other plants, clearing lots of young bracken and waves of sorrel. I also hope to get some apple prunings but it may need longer to stew. I have even got a few mushrooms but they may just be “warm champagne” producers.

If you want to bring your own yarn or fibre that is great as long as you can identify it. Unhappily Aileen seemed to lose some of her yarn last year. Obviously any labels need to be durable. Wash bags are great for loose fleece. I will do some mordanting but it is a time saver if you have some fibre/yarn prepared however you want or bring any additives to play with, Health and Safety considered.

If the days are popular or if nobody can come on these dates I may try again later but the midges could be a problem and then I am off to Summer School in August!

Dyeing to see you!

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