Dyeing to get going again

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It was lovely to have Aileen over last week.  We tackled some over dyeing of “horrid” yarn, which was actually an ok Terracotta if that’s a colour you like, and some extra colours on some “string” as my husband called it.  It was actually dishcloth cotton but let’s not split hairs!  So the one dye covered two base colours and we still had lots to spare.   Do you ever feel guilty for throwing dye lots away?

Looking forward to seeing what these and the inkle loom will produce!

2 Comments on “Dyeing to get going again”

  1. I can think of at least two ‘horrid’ yarns I’ve made, dyed with natural things, and other not so inspiring ones. Please call when you have a dyebath going, and maybe I can exhaust it with my experiments?

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