Louise Martin 3D Weaving

18/05/2019 - 10:00 AM - 03:30 PM

Tapestry weaving with additions to give height and texture! There will also be a Guild open day running parallel to the workshop.

Here are Louise’s notes for the day:
Supplementary warps are where we add extra warps to a tapestry to create 2 and 3 Dimensional pieces. There are a number of techniques used which I will run through during the day’s workshop.
There are two options re the looms.
1) Wooden looms (around 45 x 30 cms) which will be clamped to the table.
If anyone has a loom and wishes to use it let me know and I’ll give warping instructions. Otherwise the tapestries will have to be cut from the looms at the end of the day or you could purchase them for £12.
2) Nail loom. Here you warp up from one nail to another. It sits on the table and you weave using a needle.
For a couple of pounds you could take them with you.
Both will enable you to do the workshop. I am happy for both to be used at the same time. I would just like to know before the workshop how many of each, so that I can be prepared.