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Three people have contacted us recently to ask if members would be interested in fleece and yarn they wish to sell. I am putting the information all in one post. Please make sure you are using the correct contact details for each person! The @ in the middle of email addresses has been replaced with (at) to, hopefully, prevent robots picking them up.

1. Blue Texel Fleece Contact|: Don Matheson: Donald(at)balno.co.uk: We have a small flock of pedigree blue Texel sheep in Muir of Ord and we were wondering if anyone would be interested in buying their fleeces? We will have 9 lamb fleeces and 2 older ewe fleeces. Pictures below:

2. Ryeland Fleece Contact: Mike Milligan: Michael(at)mcwmilligan.com: We have several Ryeland fleeces for sale, both first shear and older both coloured and white. Very fine wool. Won Champion wool on the hoof in 2019. Mike is in Aboyne.

3. Tweed, Harris yarn etc: Contact: Alexander Stewart: stewaralex(at)yahoo.co.uk: I am the owner of a recycling company that deals in surplus yarn from weavers and mills weaving Harris Tweed, also selvedge good for making rugs and condenser wool great for felting. Let me know if you are interested in any of the items my prices are reasonable and love what you do. (Stornoway)

I am emailing some pictures of all items for sale
1) 2ply twisted yarn and single-strand yarn on cones
2) Rolls of Tweed
3) Sample-Books from 21-28cm long and 14-16cm width
4) Selvidge good for making rugs
5) Condenser Wool good for felting
6) Lengths of Tweed 1-2 metres long and from 16-30cm or more width

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