• 17/07/2017 at 5:41 pm #2648

    I wondered how members were getting on with the swing picker. It is not something that would be suitable to have working at any of the shows. I don’t know whether I want to use it as I have one fleece that is rather cotted after washing. All my own fault but the swing picker might be better than trying to tease it out by hand.

  • 08/11/2017 at 1:48 pm #2680

    I have the picker for now.  I have a large Suffolk fleece that needed broken up for drum carding. The picker went through it like a dream – from a compact fleece to a light and airy cloud of fluff in 5 minutes.  Unfortunately I put it back in a heap on our 2nd sofa and the cat soon discovered it.

    Yes you need to be wary and we need extra guards. I will try to add something better than the bit of gaffa-taped cardboard I am using now.

    I’ll be bringing the picker back at the December meeting.

  • 16/01/2018 at 2:19 pm #2728

    Susan, I sent an enquiry to Susanne as I was interested in trying it as if it is effective and suitable for my fleeces I am hoping to persuade husband I need one! Did you return it at the January meeting and if so who has it now? Also how do I find out what the hire charge is?   Many thanks

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