Hares and fibres…

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… and all springy things are in season.
I hope you all enjoyed the delights of the Dornoch Fibre Festival. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing about any of the workshops you took. Ruth’s fibre combining workshop is next up and, whilst this one is fully booked at the moment, Ruth has offered to do a repeat session for anyone not able to attend this one. She promises “no sewing is involved” so it should be interesting!
Do you have any finished pieces of work to share this spring?
My own progress is slow with the silk stole that I’m forging. I’ve attached a pic of plying some of the silk for the weft, which I thoroughly enjoy now that the yarns on the lazy kate don’t get tangled. Attaching those small eyelets to my wheel has really helped.
Has anyone else done this?
Thanks for all the input so far. I’m away to do that bookmark next.
All the best

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