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Highland Guild Of Weavers, Spinners And Dyers

We are a group of people from all over Highland and beyond who enjoy weaving, spinning or dyeing (often all three!). We are always happy to have new members and beginners are welcome - no need to feel you might not be good enough; we all enjoy passing on our skills and learning from each other. Visit our website to see what we've been up to, join the guild and look at our events schedule.
Aileen Wilby
Aileen Wilby2 days ago
Thursday weaving class at the Poldrate Granery Craft Centre where all things craft happen.Wish we had a similar facility.
Gillian Challis
Gillian Challis1 week ago
Sorry didn’t make it to the open day, but l lead Aileen Wilby astray over to the dark side. Involved pony’s and carriage.
Gillian Challis
Gillian Challis4 days ago
OMG!!! Highlight of my trip so far, found a 2nd hand shop in Estonia and brought a a shuttle very similar to the Sami shuttles but it gets better on the way out I bumped into a man and his dog. I can’t resist talking to a dog in what ever language.
Oh what a chance meeting!!! He was Sami and spent his time between Finland and Estonia. What a fabulous encounter and I haven’t even started driving sleighs yet
Serena Mason
Serena Mason1 week ago
I will be bringing back the swing picker. I had it for a month but only got round to using it today, out in the barn, bit cold. Great implement. Produces lovely white fluffy clouds of fibre.
I hope someone else will want to hire it.
Serena Mason
Serena Mason1 week ago
So pretty dire weather forecast but still hoping to make it to the Open Day tomorrow. For those coming from east or north don't forget that the road is closed before Strathpeffer so access is via Contin.
I can't see how to post that on the website as a reminder. Perhaps someone else can?
Catherine Freeland
Catherine Freeland shared Dornoch Fibre Fest's post to the group: Highland Guild Of Weavers, Spinners And Dyers.2 weeks ago