Knit Fest

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What a wonderful day meeting some lovely people from all over !  Scotland, England, Sweden and of course a great number of Danish Ladies, who have flown over enforce to support the event having just had their own show two weeks ago.  So many gorgeous jumpers, coats and shawls passed by or stopped to chat (with wonderful people attached).  Thank you to all the visitors for being so warm and friendly.  I know a good many of them are here for the whole weekend so you’ll get a chance to meet up over the weekend.


Thanks Fiona for the pic.

It looks like we’ll be in “the observer” on Tuesday too (that’s not an advert to buy though… just saying !)

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  1. It was lovely to meet you and to see what you do! I just knit (and collect yarn……) so it was an eye opener to see just how yarn is produced by spinning, I hadn’t really thought about it before. Thank you for the friendly chat and hope to see you at another event some time.

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