Loch Ness Knitfest 2018

Stephanie Hoyleother reports, Reports0 Comments

The venue for the Knitfest this year was the main hall of the Inverness sports centre. This, to my mind was the best venue yet. The hall is square-ish, so allowed for better layout of the stands. We had a good space with a wall behind us, as many tables as we asked for, and plenty of room for spinners, as they had put a social chat area near us, which we were able to encroach on if necessary. The downside was that we were quite near the stage, and some of our volunteers found it too noisy – the second day was better as they lowered the volume. As in previous years we had a small display from the Moray Firth Gansey Project adjacent to our stand. Quite a number of people had a go at spinning or weaving, mostly adults, there weren’t many children around.

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