Loom and fleece

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Three more people have been in touch with items for sale which members may be interested in:

1. From: Mary Andrews mary.andrews5(at)btinternet.com
Subject: Shetland Fleece for sale
I have 5 Shetland fleeces to sell.
They are:
2 White
1 Grey
1 Fawn
1 Gulmoget (first shearing)
Located near Inverness

2. From: June Murray wyvisjaid(at)hotmail.co.uk
Subject: For Sale Rigid Heddle Loom
For Sale- Ashford Rigid Heddle Knitters loom 28″ complete with Ashford stand, single and double heddle kits with pairs of 7.5 and 12.5 dent heddles, shuttle and Ashford book- Rigid Heddle weaving (revised edition) All instruction booklets. Cost £500 new. Sell for £325 Used -excellent condition

3. From: Lynda Gillies sales(at)bichristmastrees.co.uk
Subject: Shropshire sheep fleeces for sale
Hi, I have 10 Shropshire shearling fleece for sale and wondered if anyone might be interested in them. I am contactable at above email or 07796662256. Many thanks (Black Isle)

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