Make a brew…

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… and tell us your creative thoughts.

Here’s is a place for you to discuss all your fibre interests, ask questions and share knowledge.
We hope you’ll all get a login, by contacting admin in the “contact us” tab, and come and join in the fun.
This is your space… so claim it!!

Have fun 😀

11 Comments on “Make a brew…”

  1. I’ve just tried to request a login, but the form failed to send, so am trying this. It may be the weather – it’s very windy out there tonight.

  2. I have to keep looking at this. It’s just chat until I find out how to post a picture. I should be looking at my Summer School notes but I may just take my iPad to Strathpeffer and show Amanda Hannafords video tutorials.

  3. I would like to post a poem written by a woman who came to stay last summer. Eleanor came, with my sister and three other women, to stay with me in Wester Ross. I introduced them to the peg loom and they collaborated on a piece of weaving and after a manic final session, slightly against the clock, it was finished and went off down to East Anglia with the group.

    Peg weaving

    Delving into the bag of colours, we lingered
    over the wools, cupped them to our faces
    to breathe in the oily scent, and chose shades to catch
    a feeling a taste a shape of the mosses, lochs, and moors.

    We took turns to wind the woof or the weft
    round the pegs, lifted the piece off, returning
    each peg to its rightful place, double-checking,
    meticulous, after our early mistakes.

    Finally, we knotted the fringes and held up our work
    admiring even the uneven edges, running our fingers
    over the different textures and tensions, surprised
    at how it all came together in one glorious piece.

    Eleanor Vale
    December 2015

  4. Generally in spinning I have been taught that preparation is key. However I am off to help at a Spinning class in Gairloch tomorrow and am only just now getting organised and thinking what key information or stuff should I take. Too late to ask for advice but I am always interested in what got people hooked. I also still think most of us could improve on the way we demonstrate. I need to watch my language and stop tutting. If it goes well there might be some more west coast members….

    1. The workshop in Gairloch was great, and there are definitely a few keen folk here. There is talk of a spinning group – we will find out how many people are interested. It was enjoyable and informative to try the different types of spinning wheel and to work with different fibres. The double treadle was a revelation for me! I would really appreciate an improvers’ course later on in the spring if it can be organised.

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