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What a busy day this turned out to be! Around two dozen members attended this Saturday event at Dingwall. There was a lovely hum of activity throughout the day. It was good to see spinners and weavers working alongside one another and there were plenty of opportunities for skills sharing and exchange of ideas.

One fascinating item brought in by one of our members, was a small box braid loom as used in medieval times. This caused much interest.

Several people were using rigid heddle looms and peg looms and were glad of the occasional spare pair of hands to help wind on warps etc. The usual assortment of lovely spinning wheels arrived and some beautiful yarns were created during the day.

Open workshop days like this provide a valuable space to create items interrupted, outside the normal routines of daily life. There are no distractions and as a result, projects get started or completed, in a very satisfying way. Of course we all also enjoy the friendly chat as well.

The library gets well used during such days, as much as for reference as for borrowing. We are fortunate to have such good resources for our members to use.

It was good to see one or two new faces and non-members coming along to find about the guild.

Great to see you all and hope that you enjoyed your day as much as I did.  I am now busy at home weaving the scarf I warped onto the loom during the workshop.

We plan to have another such open workshop later in the year, as they have been so well received. If you were unable to attend this recent one, why not come along next time? You will be sure of a warm welcome.

Hilma Rask

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