October 2022 Art Yarns Workshop

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A much anticipated Guild course run by Sue. Ten participants enjoyed an information packed day full of inspiration and expert guidance. There was a fine display of work by Sue with
examples of how she had used her art yarns in a variety of ways.

Participants brought in their wheels, and in particular wheels with a large orifice and low ratio. There was a fine selection of materials for us to use in the creation of the yarns – and the key to success was clearly going to be perseverance and patience. To start with we attempted to create a slub whilst resisting the temptation to predraft. A
slub is created using less than the staple length as the twist will enter the yarn at the narrowest point. Treadling the wheel slowly with a light tension enabled the twist to enter into both the thick and thin sections of the fleece, before it was pulled onto the bobbin with more control.

Attempting to spiral ply and produce coils, we were given cones of yarn to practice the ply. Whilst understanding the mathematics of twist and plying, it was very difficult not to send an over twisted mass onto the bobbin. With practice, several cocoons and halos were also produced on the single. It was a very meditative process.

Sue also found time to demonstrate a beaded yarn (which I have since practiced on a necklace teaching spinning to my granddaughter with some success). There is a possibility
of a further workshop on adding beads to Art Yarns in the future.

Sue made the process thoroughly engaging and her enthusiasm was clear to see. All of the participants had a fantastic day with many new skills learned!

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