Open Day and Challenge 8 Febrary 2020

Stephanie Hoyleevent reports, spinning reports

Between 40 and 50 people attended this event, with some coming and going in the course of the day. We had a big circle of spinners around the hall, with several weavers at tables as well. This was the day to bring along what we had made from the fibre distributed at the September Open Day: 50 gms Corriedale tops, 40 gms Blue Faced Leicester / seacell tops, 10 gms recycled sari silk. Apart from the sari silk the fibre was undyed. The challenge was to spin and make something from the fibre. We could dye it, and we could add up to 100 gms of fibre or yarn; felting was also allowed. The number and variety of items created was truly impressive – pictures below:

plua a few pictures of people: