Rigid Heddle Weaving 14 March 2020

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Jane Kitchener tutored this beginners workshop, which was held the day before the Krogbragd workshop. Apologies for not posting this sooner. I wasn’t there, but it seems to have been a very successful day, and Inga has provided photos which show what went on. The resulting weaving looks lovely. Here is Jane’s report of the day:

As someone who regularly uses a rigid heddle loom, I was keen to share my skills with complete beginners. The day’s plan included a way of warping the loom, followed by the opportunity to weave a length of cloth, at a pace to suit all participants.
The workshop began with an introduction to looms, associated equipment, woven samples and reference books. A worksheet was provided, with space for notes and as an ‘aide-memoire’. Working in pairs to put a warp on the looms made it quicker and less intimidating for all. I was on hand to give further advice, where necessary, and with a small number in the group there was a relaxed atmosphere throughout the day.
By lunchtime, the looms were prepared and weaving could start. After a short lunch everyone enthusiastically set to work, with encouraging results: varying lengths of fabric were woven and admired. Progress was rapid and all-too-soon it was time to discuss how to finish the weaving, plus the benefit of record-keeping.
A satisfied group went home with their woven cloth and expressed an interest in furthering their skills on a rigid heddle loom. There are more techniques and design opportunities available, so I hope the prospect of such a workshop is not too far away.
Jane Kitchener