Spinning Jackets and Wavy Weaving

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Mary Paren has been very busy and kindly sent in some photo’s of her recently completed projects.

The jacket is “…spun from a Wingham Wool merino blend called Silsden and plied with some black thread for a core.”

The weaving is an intriguing visual effect which Mary worked out by turning the design for a more complicated warp set up around 90 degrees and using the weft to give the design instead.

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  1. I would love you to talk me through ‘turning a draft’! I have a four shaft loom, and I think I’ve read that a weave that demands more shafts might be woven by draft turning. Next time we meet up I’ll bring more details- I admire those with technical know-how, but although I’m entranced, the stage from paper to weaving is a bit shaky to put it mildly. Is your woven piece made with hand- spun also?

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