Spring Scarf

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Spring has sprung and, like the urge to eat fresh salads, I just had to do something lighter than my normal “dark and interesting” aubergine and plum colours.  I bought a kilo of creamy white cotton chenille from ebay with the thought of being able to dye it but it’s so soft and velvety just as it is that I based the whole scarf around it.  There are only stripes of it but most all the others are the same neutrals with a few accent fancy yarns I spun specifically in small quantities.  After our Anne Artis spinning day I felt justified in loving to spin fine so this is mostly loosely woven “fine lace weight” shetland 2ply.  The colourful things were experiments with boucle and wraps, oh and a bit of shetland plied with some gold machine embroidery thread gave me a light glitter yarn.  The other fun thing was that I did it with the aid of my new variable dent heddle.  I chose the Kromski one instead of the Ashford as each dent is selectable rather than groups.  I love the flexibility of it and can see I’ll be using it lots in the future.

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  1. Helen,
    I’ve been examining your close-up photo, to see the various yarns you’ve used. I love the result, and since you’ve got a new toy to play with, I thought you could do something with some unused creamy-white mohair slub yarn that I have from Wingham’s? Next time we meet I’ll show you. It’s quite smooth and lustrous. What is the width of your woven piece? You must wear it soon!

  2. oo that sounds interesting Catherine! I’d actually been looking into mohair and how to spin it. I wonder if anyone actually brushes their mohair yarn as was suggested to me.
    The width is 11″ washed (was 12″)

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