Teneriffe Lace December 2020

Stephanie Hoyleevent reports

Teneriffe lace medallions are worked on a circular loom (cardboard and pins!), a bit like Dorset buttons. They can be quite simple or more complex as the pictures show, and were used for collars table cloths etc. They would also make snowflakes for your Christmas tree. Mary has provided instructions for making a card loom:
Teneriffe Lace on card
Mary used this YouTube video to help demonstrate the stitches:
video on working Teneriffe Lace

Here are some photos from the workshop, plus Mary’s samples. There are more pictures in the gallery for the afternoon gathering as people shared what they had completed.

If you want to follow up on the technique there is a book on the technique which is a free download: The Technique of Teneriffe Lace.