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What a great day we had on Saturday. An interesting and informative talk on Natural fibres from Teresinha Roberts from Wild Colours ( and Wild Fibres).  The afternoon allowed us to ask more questions about all sorts of things and look at her display of fibres, particularly the flax and nettle items, and the sample book of hemp fabrics.

Teresinha told us about a supplier of handspun, handwoven cotton at £7 per metre which seemed to be ethically sourced and looked amazing.  Hard to believe that it is possible but Teresinha was very conscious of the environmental cost of producing different fibres and was unenthusiastic about how the virtues of bamboo are extolled by the PR machine.

Teresinha brought a Rakestraw spinner, quilt weavers loom and a Takli while Sheila Munro brought her little spinner in a box which was quite challenging.

Teresinha was wearing a jumper made from flax that she had grown, spun and knitted herself. Quite an achievement.

Serena Mason

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2 Comments on “Teresinha Roberts talk”

  1. I only managed to attend the morning session, but I was so impressed, I went home and ordered a rakestraw spinner from Tereshina’s website right away… and got a speedy service!

  2. Hope you are getting on alright with the Rakestraw spinner. Another result from the talk is that various members will be trying to grow flax and reporting back to Teresinha.

    Teresinha kindly gave me some cochineal which I will be making up to use on the Dyeing Days in durnamuck in July along with some crottle.

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