The creative flame

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Busying away with my spinning and weaving I wonder at differences of everyone’s creative processes.  One friend said to me today that she and her grand-daughter have been sorting out all her bits and pieces of hand-dyed fleece and ended up with 5 baskets full of the different colour ranges!  Goodness, I thought, I’d better get on with some dyeing.  I don’t have nearly enough stash!  No, what I have is “stash envy”, and no where to put anymore.  Well I could just maybe…  Do you get that?  This slow brewing craving for anything of any colour or fibre type to just have, ready to use in a fabulous project, or not?  I know another friend (and you might be able to guess who) may disagree.  For her the colour has to be very specific.  Red actually.  Red and black and greys.  But boy it’s amazing what she can do with that palette.  It’s all about finding what ignites our flame.  Some people can seemingly throw anything together and it works, others plan then dye, spin and weave accordingly.

What kind of creative are you and what are your must have elements?  I get tingles with turquoise and copper (yes, there is some in the project pictured below… just a hint, if you look hard.)

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