Weaving the light fantastic with Niki Todd

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gcDespite the severe foggy weather, attendance was excellent.This proved to be a very lively and enjoyable workshop, as we were hands on with our materials very quickly.

Nicki demonstrated how she secures together the large driftwood structures which she uses as a framework for her weaving. She uses a variety of knotting techniques and strong warp yarn such as linen or heavy duty string.Her own particular interest is in producing very large sculptural pieces with an emphasis on texture. She exploits the natural forms of found materials, such as driftwood from Spey Bay, in innovative ways.

A great assortment of driftwood had been brought in by participants together with garden cuttings, such as willow and dogwood. As we worked on our individual designs, Niki gave plenty of practical advice and encouragement. She also worked alongside us on her own work, which gave us all an insight into the processes she uses as a textile artist.


There was a great feeling of camaraderie as we worked, and plenty of generous sharing of resources, yarns and driftwood between guild members, as projects took shape and ideas were exchanged.

Participation in a guild workshop is really stimulating and enjoyable. There is a chance to learn new techniques, try out new materials and get to know other guild members. It is always fun.

I was amazed at the sheer variety of work produced on the day. I think we all found it refreshing to be able to work in a very free manner. This was dictated by the different materials we each chose to use as our framework. Everyone left the workshop with lively work in progress. Several people had even completed their weaving by the end of the afternoon! Thank you to Niki for an interesting and inspiring workshop.

Hilma Rask

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