Weaving with words with Joan Baxter

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I was not quite sure what to expect from this workshop, but it sounded interesting and having been on a number of Joan Baxter’s courses I knew it would be worth going to, and I was not wrong. By the end of the workshop we all agreed that we had had a very enjoyable day.

Joan showed us examples of her work which included weaving words into tapestries. It is difficult to describe but the effects were stunning. One of her examples was from collaborative work she had done with a group from a poetry writing course. Challenged by being presented with a poem about football, not, she admitted, something which interested her, she had woven the lines of poetry into a football scarf. Brilliant!

So inspired, and ready to go we set to to laminate words and pictures. These were first cut into horizontal strips before they were put through the laminator, so we ended up with a number of flexible strips which could be threaded through the warp. The sections of laminate replace sections of tapestry so that you end up with a very striking effect. The laminate strips can extend across the tapestry, can have “frames” woven around them from yarn or can be woven in more randomly.

As usual, it was amazing to see the range of different results produced from the same basic idea and we all went home having learnt a new technique and spent a very productive day. The only problem is that I am now trying to resist the “need” to invest in a laminator.

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