December 2022 Open Day

Stephanie Hoyleevent reports

We had a small but happy group of spinners at our meeting in December with maybe 12 members in total, mostly from around the Dingwall area since the weather was so poor and the roads so icy, though at least one intrepid spinner made the trek from much farther afield. The threat of heavy snow did not materialise so we were able to enjoy the full day. We had the new uplighters, and they were a big improvement making a significant difference to the light levels in both rooms.

We had an interesting show and tell of Christmas related items, and I learned that you cannot starch nylon! I had crocheted a snowflake from handspun trilobal nylon, because I
wanted it to sparkle a little in light, to resemble frost on snow. I tried to stiffen it with starch and could not understand why it did not work until it was pointed out to me that starch does not work on nylon! Two alternative stiffening methods were suggested, artists fixer which I happened to have some of, and it worked a treat. The other suggestion was for dilute wood glue, which I have not yet tried but will keep in mind if I make more for next year.