Playing with Colour

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Stephanie Hoyle’s Dyeing Workshop was preceded with clear notes in March’s Guild Newsletter explaining the uses of Procion MX Dyes and which fibres they were suitable for. Recipes were given so we could prepare our fibres ahead of the day. I found this extremely useful as it enabled me to hank up skeins, weigh out tops and label them beforehand … Read More

January 2019 Guild Open Day and Talk

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A very popular event, with an attendance of 37. Most people were spinning, but there were a few weavers, and a couple of knitters as well. We had a very interesting talk from Christina Chisholm, a former Highland Guild member, who is Chair of the Editorial Committee for the Journal of the Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers. … Read More

Loch Ness Knitfest 2018

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The venue for the Knitfest this year was the main hall of the Inverness sports centre. This, to my mind was the best venue yet. The hall is square-ish, so allowed for better layout of the stands. We had a good space with a wall behind us, as many tables as we asked for, and plenty of room for spinners, … Read More

November 2018 Guild open day

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At this event we had all of our Guild equipment on display, so that members could see what is available, try things out, and find out how to use equipment they’ve never tried before. A lot of people also came along to spin, weave and be social. So many people attended that we had to transfer to the big hall … Read More

December 2018 workshop

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I didn’t get to the corners workshop on 8th December, but from Alison Roddham’s photos it looks as though it was a really good day, with people learning to use alarming looking hackles and combs, making dainty Dorset buttons, and exploring the potential of pin looms / quilt looms.

Long Draw Successes

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Serena sent in these pics of the Long Draw Spinning workshop. She writes “Great workshop today with Odet Beauvoisin showing us how to do long draw for woollen and worsted yarn. I think most of us got it some of the time. Interesting that Odet is such a proficient spinner that she had to add in neps to make her … Read More

Colour from a different angle – weaving with Cally Booker

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Saturday September 10th 2016 Ten eager weavers gathered at Strathpeffer for the HGWSD workshop with Dundee based weaver Cally Booker. Cally works from her studio in a converted jute mill and is passionate about hand weaving, colour and the exploration of multi layered weaves. She specialises in weaving beautiful home textiles, scarves and fabrics. Several participants had brought along their … Read More

Teresinha Roberts talk

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What a great day we had on Saturday. An interesting and informative talk on Natural fibres from Teresinha Roberts from Wild Colours ( and Wild Fibres).  The afternoon allowed us to ask more questions about all sorts of things and look at her display of fibres, particularly the flax and nettle items, and the sample book of hemp fabrics. Teresinha … Read More

Influence of the Scottish Landscape with Joan Baxter

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Such a wonderful talk by Joan Baxter on the influence of the Scottish Landscape on her work. The slides of the landscapes and her tapestries blurred into one. So many stories and such a range of colours and textures in both. I think if she cut herself she would bleed colours. It is so interesting to hear the influences that … Read More

combining textiles

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Combining different hand-made textiles with Ruth Black We had a guild workshop on Saturday – combining different hand-made textiles. Most of the time we were so busy I completely forgot about taking pictures, but this shows some of the samples we made. Techniques involved preparing woven fabric to add a knitted piece and to add a felt edge, preparing knitting … Read More

Weaving Design with Sam Goates

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Our November event was lively and well-attended. We were fortunate to share  Sam Goates’ weaving story, both as a textile design consultant in Australia, and dedicated studio weaver back in Scotland, her heart-place, and home. Sam’s direct approach, using her textiles , sketchbooks , yarn samples and  photographs as visual and tactile illustrations, made it easy for us to identify … Read More

Speed Spinning with Anne Artis

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Twelve spinners, with an interesting variety of wheels, attended Anne Artis’ workshop on Speed Spinning at Strathpeffer. The workshop started with Anne giving us each a carrier bag containing individual bags of fleece to spin, all of them very different and some of them fairly challenging.  The bags were numbered 1 – 10 and the contents varied from commercially prepared … Read More