January 2023 Quiz

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For the third year running Serena has tested out knowledge of our crafts with a fun quiz. If you were unable to attend the zoom meeting you can test your knowledge by downloading the pdf: Quiz 2023. None of us did very well with it!! Try not to look at the answers too soon! Quiz 2023 Answers

December 2022 Open Day

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We had a small but happy group of spinners at our meeting in December with maybe 12 members in total, mostly from around the Dingwall area since the weather was so poor and the roads so icy, though at least one intrepid spinner made the trek from much farther afield. The threat of heavy snow did not materialise so we … Read More

November 2022 Rigid Heddle Weaving Workshop

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It was a pleasure to run this workshop for 13 people, even though everyone was at a different skill level. Beginners progressed from plain weave to simple pick-up, while the more experienced produced a range of patterns, guided by examples on a worksheet. I was able to instruct and help, as needed, aided by Bryony. However, skill-sharing among the group … Read More

October 2022 Art Yarns Workshop

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A much anticipated Guild course run by Sue. Ten participants enjoyed an information packed day full of inspiration and expert guidance. There was a fine display of work by Sue with examples of how she had used her art yarns in a variety of ways. Participants brought in their wheels, and in particular wheels with a large orifice and low … Read More

September Open Day 2022

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This meeting had a focus on spindles. Sheila had brought along a collection of different types, and started by demonstrating a kick spindle. The spindle is supported in a framework and operated by spinning the ball at the lower end with the foot, giving the spinner a really good workout!! She also demonstrated a Navaho spindle, as well as smaller … Read More

Summer Shows 2022

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Guild members demonstrated at a number of local farm shows. Here is a write up and pictures from some of them. Sutherland County Show, Dornoch For its return in 2022 the Sutherland County Show was held on a fine summer day and attracted good crowds with the queue to enter stretching back into Castle Square at one time I was … Read More

Open Day June 2022

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Around 30 members attended to spin, chat and have a good look at our proposed new venue, the Highland Hotel in Strathpeffer. The room allocated was big enough to accommodate us comfortably, and had a homely feel, which soon had people re-arranging chairs into informal groups. More seating was available in the breakout area next door, where flasks of hot … Read More

Double Weave Workshop May 2022

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Our first face to face workshop for over two years was tutored by Christina Chisholm, a very experienced weaver, who is also very good at explaining things. She also used samples from her Certificate of Achievement to show what we we’re aiming at. In double weave half of the warp threads are used for the top layer, half for the … Read More

Weaving Challenge Jan 2023

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Following the example of the spinning group we are setting a weaving related challenge for January. This is not restricted to those who join in the monthly zoom. It’s open to everyone to join in and have fun! You won’t need to get any fancy equipment, in fact (and I’ve just thought of this!) part of the challenge could be … Read More

Members’ Open day April 2022

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April 2022 Members’ Day The focus for the day was spinning. We had demonstrations of combing, blending board and picker. As usual there was also a lot of chat and a bit of show and tell! Sheila had brought her double weave samples to give people a clearer idea of what the May workshop is about. Aileen was wearing a … Read More

Members Open Day March 2022

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Our first face to face meeting for two years – how lovely it was to meet up again! There were 30 plus members present, spread around the outside of the big hall at Strathpeffer Community Centre, mostly with spinning wheels, though Ruth had brought a marudai and was weaving a kumihimo braid, and Susan was using a drop spindle. The … Read More

February 2022 – Quiz

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Around 20 of us turned up to see how much or how little we know about our crafts! Once again Serena had set a challenging and fun quiz which extended our knowledge as well as testing it. The first section was about archaeology, with pictures and questions about ancient textiles. Next, 10 anagrams of the names of people associated with … Read More

January 2022 – Janet Phillips, Weaver

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Janet describes herself as textile designer rather than a hand weaver: she starts with a design brief, constructs the weave, then works out a threading and lifting plan, rather than the other way round. This is the way she learned to work in her first weeks at Galashiels. She uses a table loom to sample and works multiple section sample … Read More

December 2021 – AGWSD Summer School

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The Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers (AGWSD) holds a week-long Summer School every two years, with an exhibition in the year in between. The exhibition was cancelled in 2020, but after some uncertainty, the Summer School did in the end go ahead in August 2021. It was held at Writtle University College near Chelmsford in Essex. Three … Read More