Fun with Fleece – Michelle Stirling

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Christmas Workshop Despite poor weather, nine members had a lovely time adding a new skill to their many accomplishments, a Christmas Wreath, with fleece as an ideal base material. Goodness knows how many colours and types of fleece Michelle brought for us to try, together with a plaited base, a robin and many extra ornaments. It took all day to … Read More

Art Yarns with Isobel McCallum Scott

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The Art Yarn Workshop with Isobel was a great success.  If you think you knew about spinning – do go to one of her classes and learn much more. Mindful that average wheels would be in use, the class was adapted so we all achieved interesting fancy yarns.   Beehives, wraps, coils and many more – all techniques that could be … Read More

Grass Weaving with Joanne Kaar

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Joanne Kaar began by talking about her involvement in the project to recreate some of the work of Angus McPhee, who used grass, leaves and sheep’s wool to create many objects during his 50 years as a psychiatric patient at Craig Dunain.  He was in the habit of destroying his work once it was finished, so only some of his … Read More

4 Shaft Weaving with Kathryn Kusa

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 The topic Kathryn chose for us was Summer and Winter. I had heard weavers talk about this type of pattern, but had never attempted it, so looked forward to learning more. Seven of us, with varying skill levels, attended the workshop. Kathryn had sent out instructions for warping the loom (good, clear instructions in ordinary language), so most of the looms were … Read More

Tapestry Weaving with Joan Baxter

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This recent workshop proved to be very popular and we were delighted to welcome some non guild members as participants on the day as well. How fortunate we were that Joan Baxter was once again able to offer us her expert tuition, given her busy schedule of both teaching and exhibiting throughout Europe and beyond! Joan had brought along a … Read More

Lichen Dyes with Serena Mason

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I am fascinated by how the sombre lichens that grow on the rocks in Wester Ross can be used as dyestuff to produce wonderful colours. Although it is now lost in the mists of my failing memory I probably was lured into the Highland Guild by a natural dyeing workshop, as well as a need to improve my spinning. Workshops … Read More

Member’s day

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What a busy day this turned out to be! Around two dozen members attended this Saturday event at Dingwall. There was a lovely hum of activity throughout the day. It was good to see spinners and weavers working alongside one another and there were plenty of opportunities for skills sharing and exchange of ideas. One fascinating item brought in by … Read More

Silk Spinning with Odet Beauvoisin

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The silk spinning workshop was held on a bright October day in the community hall in Strathpeffer as access to Dingwall was restricted by resurfacing works. Hilma had managed to relocate the event at the last minute but sadly, due to an injury could not enjoy the benefits of her hard work. Odet was an inspiring tutor and had brought … Read More

Fancy yarns and exotic fibres with Ruth Gough

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I had not learned to spin the last time the Highland Guild hosted Wingham Woolwork, but having visited the wonderland of Wingham at Wentworth a couple of times, I was very keen to see the travelling shop. I had the whole weekend reserved, the Saturday for trying out the various fibres available, and the Sunday for the workshop with Ruth. … Read More

Creating a self patterning yarn with Stephanie Hoyle

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We drove down to Dingwall on one of those bright crystalline days of spring, with the promise of a very interesting and informative day ahead. As the last to arrive we entered a room buzzing with anticipation, on the desks neatly laid out were pencils, wool, and a large polystyrene board with nails standing out in a star shape. It … Read More

Improve Your Spinning with Isobel McCallum Scott

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The March workshop was full of students keen to improve their spinning. Isobel had given us the opportunity to state what areas we were most interested in working on prior to the workshop, so she came armed and ready to teach us to spin thicker or thinner, with more consistency and using many different techniques. She also brought along some … Read More

Weaving with words with Joan Baxter

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I was not quite sure what to expect from this workshop, but it sounded interesting and having been on a number of Joan Baxter’s courses I knew it would be worth going to, and I was not wrong. By the end of the workshop we all agreed that we had had a very enjoyable day. Joan showed us examples of … Read More

Weaving the light fantastic with Niki Todd

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Despite the severe foggy weather, attendance was excellent.This proved to be a very lively and enjoyable workshop, as we were hands on with our materials very quickly. Nicki demonstrated how she secures together the large driftwood structures which she uses as a framework for her weaving. She uses a variety of knotting techniques and strong warp yarn such as linen … Read More

Weaving Workshop with Mary Carol Souness

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Mary Carol took over this workshop at very short notice; not easy as she had to cater not only for differing levels of experience but two types of loom as well! However she rose to the occasion and gave us a most enjoyable weekend. Some instructions were sent out beforehand so that participants could come prepared thus saving time on … Read More

The Great Wheel – Portsoy Boat Festival

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Members who visited the craft tent at the Portsoy Boat Festival in July 2009 may have seen Norman Kennedy spinning on a great or muckle wheel. Norman is a ballad singer and an expert in the history of textile production. He commissioned the wheel on his previous visit to the UK from his friend Mr Strachan, who  makes spinning wheels … Read More