The Great Wheel – Portsoy Boat Festival

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Members who visited the craft tent at the Portsoy Boat Festival in July 2009 may have seen Norman Kennedy spinning on a great or muckle wheel. Norman is a ballad singer and an expert in the history of textile production. He commissioned the wheel on his previous visit to the UK from his friend Mr Strachan, who  makes spinning wheels … Read More

Shape-making & Surface texture with Joan Baxter

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These two workshops took place on consecutive Saturdays and were well attended. Joan’s workshops are justly popular as she is always so enthusiastic and encouraging. The first day was aimed at beginners or less experienced weavers so Joan started by showing us how to tie on a warp and do a line of Soumak along the bottom edge. It was … Read More

Using weaving sticks

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Weaving sticks come as a set of five, with a threader.  They are about 6mm diameter, with a rounded point at one end and the other end is flattened and has a hole in it for the warp thread.  They work a little like a peg loom – you weave on the sticks, and as the weaving grows you gradually … Read More

Baskets from your garden with Sally Wild

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Sally first showed us how to twist willow into a circle to form the basis of a Christmas wreath.   While one group were decorating their wreaths wit dried flowers and leaves she showed the rest of us how to twist reeds to make a cord.   This was a little like spinning and plying at the same time, and produced a … Read More