Rigid Heddle Weaving 14 March 2020

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Jane Kitchener tutored this beginners workshop, which was held the day before the Krogbragd workshop. Apologies for not posting this sooner. I wasn’t there, but it seems to have been a very successful day, and Inga has provided photos which show what went on. The resulting weaving looks lovely. Here is Jane’s report of the day: As someone who regularly … Read More

Krokbragd Weaving 15 March 2020

Stephanie Hoyleevent reports, weaving reports

Another excellent workshop tutored by Kathryn Kusa. Eleven Guild members took part, and there was a lot of bustle early on as everyone arrived and started to set up their looms – quite a variety of these, including 2 rigid heddle looms. We had warping instructions beforehand. Krokbragd uses just uses 3 shafts and is threaded 1, 2, 3, 2. … Read More

Open Day and Challenge 8 Febrary 2020

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Between 40 and 50 people attended this event, with some coming and going in the course of the day. We had a big circle of spinners around the hall, with several weavers at tables as well. This was the day to bring along what we had made from the fibre distributed at the September Open Day: 50 gms Corriedale tops, … Read More

Festive Open Day December 2019

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A nice relaxing day, attended by about 25 people – a lot of spinning and talking and some very nice inkle weaving, plus home made mince pies and other goodies. Our new annual magazine was ready to pick up, and looks very professional. We also had the opportunity to buy more of the challenge bags and some festive fibre collections.

4 Corners Workshop

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I didn’t manage to get to this workshop, but it looks as if it was a really good day! There was a festive theme, with participants making batts from red, green and white wool, fleece angels, and coiled gift baskets; the fourth corner was designated as “social” and gave an opportunity to carry on with one of the earlier activities … Read More

AGM and Show & Tell 2019

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Our AGM is always lively and interesting, and as usual produced a range of suggestions for the new committee to discuss. Following the formal part of the day, and a social lunch we had a Show & Tell, with an impressive array of articles made my members over the year. Here are some photos: Jane and Bryony have just been … Read More

Loch Ness Knitfest 2019

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This year the Marketplace was only open on Friday and Saturday. We were able to set up our display on Thursday afternoon and were there to demonstrate on both days. We had a good spot – further from the stage than last year. I was initially concerned that we didn’t have a wall behind us, but in fact it worked … Read More

Spin to Weave Workshop October 2019

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I was too late to book for this workshop, run by Christina Chisholm, but visited it to take photos. When I arrived Christina was demonstrating how to avoid wasting precious handspun when using it as warp. She had a strong, commercially spun yarn, wound onto the back beam of her loom, and threaded through heddles and reed. A handspun warp, … Read More

Daviot Vintage Farm Day 2019

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Four of us from the Nairn Spinning Group demonstrated at the Daviot Vintage Farm Day on 28th September – Hilma Rask, Christine Smith, Kathleen Watson and myself. The weather is always a factor as the field gets waterlogged quite quickly, but we were lucky – just a bit of drizzle in the morning, then a bit of heavier rain towards … Read More

September 2019 Open Day

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A very lively day, with 40 plus people, most spinning, some managing to weave or wind a warp, everyone chatting! Denise handed out bags of fibre for this year’s challenge. This year we all have the same – it will be interesting to see how different the results are! Sue brought along a display of her work for the Certificate … Read More

Summer shows

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Guild members have demonstrated spinning and weaving at farm shows around our area. Here are some photos: Sutherland Show 20th July: Nairn Show 27th July: Black Isle Show 1st August:

3-D Weaving and Open Day

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Our tutor for the May 2019 workshop was Louise Martin, a very skilled and experienced tapestry weaver. She had brought looms ready warped for us to use, and had sent instructions for those who wished to bring their own looms. Louise started us off with basic weaving, then moved on to weaving ridges, adding “worms” and fringes, and working with … Read More

Forres Theme Day

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Four Guild members from the Nairn Spinning Group demonstrated at the Forres Theme Day on 5th May. This is always a nice friendly event, though the weather can be anything from hot and sunny like last year to really cold like this year! My photos make it look as if the interest in our stand was from one man and … Read More