November 2022 Rigid Heddle Weaving Workshop

Stephanie Hoyleevent reports, weaving reports0 Comments

It was a pleasure to run this workshop for 13 people, even though everyone was at a different skill level. Beginners progressed from plain weave to simple pick-up, while the
more experienced produced a range of patterns, guided by examples on a worksheet.

I was able to instruct and help, as needed, aided by Bryony. However, skill-sharing among the group was evident and was key to making the day a success. The progress made was
impressive with notable achievements in a relatively short time. There’s still more to learn – paving the way for another workshop?

Occasional visits from members using the smaller room were welcomed and their interest was much appreciated. Likewise, the weavers were able to use the calmer space in the smaller room for well-earned breaks from their looms. I’d like to thank all the participants for their enthusiasm on the day.

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